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Overdraft Protection

To protect your checking account from returned transactions, we offer Overdraft Privilege Service. For additional details and restrictions that apply, please contact a personal banker at your nearest branch.


How it Works

  • Eligible accounts are automatically synced to this service. There are no additional documents to fill out or sign.*
  • Upon overdraft, payments up to $600 on most personal accounts (or $1,500 for some business accounts) will be considered for payment at our discretion. 
  • There is no cost unless the service is actually used, in which case regular NSF fees apply.

How it Benefits You

  • Helps you avoid expensive returned transaction charges from merchants.
  • Helps prevent the embarrassment and inconvenience of having a denied payment.
  • Qualified payments may go through without delay.

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*Customers will be notified of eligibility after a 30-day review of account activity.