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Fee Schedule


Legends Secure Checking $8/month*
Legends Essential Checking $2/month
for paper statements **
Legends 50 Plus Checking $5/month*
Legends Interest Checking $10/month*
Legends Reserve $12/month*
Legends Select Reserve $25/month*
Legends Savings $9/quarter*
Legends Partners Savings No Quarterly Fee
Christmas Savings Club $20 penalty
for each early withdrawal
Additional Savings Withdrawal Fee $2 each
Additional Money Market Withdrawal Fee $15 each***


Miscellaneous Service Fees

ATM Transactions (Legends Bank ATM) No Fee
ATM Withdrawal (non-Legends Bank ATM) $1.50
ATM Inquiry (non-Legends Bank ATM) $1.00
Cashier’s Check (Legends Bank customers only) $5
Chargebacks (business accounts) $5 per item
Copy of Check (current month) $1 per page
Copy of Statement (current) $2
Credit Card Cash Advance No Fee
Debit Card Maintenance No Fee
Card Replacement (ATM, HSA, and Debit) $10
Dormant Account Fee (checking and savings) $5/month
Fax $1 per page
Garnishments/Levy $50
International Debit/Point of Sale Fee 2% of total purchase
International ATM Withdrawal Fee 2% of total withdrawal
NSF (non-sufficient funds)

Paid Item Fee

$35 each

Returned Item Fee

$35 each
Continuous Negative Balance Fee (charged on the 5th consecutive business day) $7 per day
Photocopies $1 per page
Record Research ($35.00 minimum) $35 per hour
Stop Payment Fee $35
Safe Deposit Boxes (annual rental)








Undeliverable/Return Mail Fee $5 per incident
Wire Transfer (Legends Bank customers only)

Incoming (domestic)


Incoming (international)


Outgoing (domestic)


Outgoing (international)




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* Monthly fees waived with minimum balance requirements.
** Monthly fees waived when enrolled in e-statements
***Federal regulations require banks to limit the way withdrawals may be made from savings and money market accounts. No more than six automatic transfers, online transfers or checks payable to a third party may be made during a calendar month or statement cycle of at least four weeks. Additionally, a bank fee will be assessed for each savings withdrawal made beyond three in a quarter and for each non-permissible money market withdrawal beyond six in a statement cycle. Account converts to a non-money market checking account if transaction limits are exceeded.