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NMLS Registry

When you are shopping for a mortgage, it’s critical to work with a licensed mortgage lender. Our Mortgage Loan team is comprised of seasoned professionals who can be found on the National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry.

Mortgage Loan Originator Individual NMLS ID
George R. (Rick) Archer 423595
Thomas (Tommy) E. Bates 423597
James (Jimmy) R. Bryant 423598
Kelly L. Buher 423599
Heather Campbell 916496
Jennifer Candler 710607
Tommy P. Couch 423600
Jason D. Fielder 423602
Stacey Good 1009634
Shawn D. Howard 423603
William (Bill) C. Hoy 423604
Sabrina M. Joiner 423605
Samuel (Sam) C. Jones 910866
Misty Kane 729773
Amelia Magette 641011
William D. (David) Monfore 423608
Michael Bret Moran 995509
Pansy G. Morgan 423609
Michelle D. Myers 1226303
Robert (Bob) Z. Palmer 423611
Mary H. Poole 409708
Michael (Mike) W. Rainey 423612
George Leonard Rinehart, III 461569
John P. (Pat) Sawyer 423615
Cody  D. Walker 461578
Kelli Nicole Wells 1209647


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