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Lending Services

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Sound bank loan policies, coupled with careful observance of state and federal lending regulations, make Legends Bank your dependable partner in providing a wide range of loan services. Whether you need to expand your business, apply for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan or simply establish a corporate credit card account, we can help.

Real Estate Loans

  • Our real estate loans help you finance new land or property for your business.
  • Finance construction of a new facility
  • Purchase existing property

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SBA Loans

  • SBA loans are government-insured, commercial loans designed to help you expand your business.
  • Use funds for a variety of business purposes
  • Multiple types of loans available

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Working Capital Lines of Credit

  • Working Capital Lines give you flexible access to cash.
  • Withdraw funds for your business as needed
  • Maintains positive cash flow

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Equipment Loans

  • Equipment Loans let you purchase capital equipment at competitive interest rates.
  • Available for new or used equipment
  • Flexible payment options

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Letters of Credit

  • Letters of Credit are designed to help facilitate large business transactions.
  • Confirms your credit standing
  • Customized for your business need

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Acquisition Financing

  • Acquisition Financing provides flexible funding options for growing businesses.
  • Provides cash for business opportunities
  • Competitive rates and customizable programs

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Business Lenders

  • Meet our experienced business lending team.
  • Expert guidance and support
  • Outstanding customer service

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